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Fresh Peruvian Aguaje Capsules for Butt and Body Enhancement

1 Bottle of Aguaje Capsules Fresh From Peru 120 capsules - 480mg

New Version - Aguaje Capsules - Now in Stock!
Shipped from the USA
Aguaje is known for its high levels of phytoestrogens. This causes it to have very high estrogenics effects on women. For women with low or normal levels will recieve a drastic increase when taking Aguaje. This product is a peruvian product, the pronounciation of the Name is (Aug-way-heey). Even women that have higher levels of Testosterone can also use this product because it works as a natural balancer. That means it can counter and assist in suppressing Testosterone and increase the estrogen level.  .
We only sell 100% pure capsules imported directly from Peru.
This miracle fruit called Aguaje otherwise known in the scientific community as Mauritania Flexuosa. In Brazil this product Fruit is called Buriti. In other South american countries like Colombia and Venezuela, it is called Moriche. The tase of Aguaje is similiar to carrots, but it has approximately 4 times the amount of beta carotene. Even other foods like sweet potatoes and spinach contain less Beta carotene. The vitamin A is produced directly from the Beta carotene. Vitamin A is good for better vision, prevention of skin disorders, stronger immunity system, and helps against aging..
- Our product contains 100% natural fruit powder. NO Additives or filler
- Helps improve the quality and thickness of finger and toenails
- ENhance your curves naturally for Buttocks, hips and Breasts.
- Develop softer skin and Stronger and thicker Hair
- Added benefit it is an important source of Vitamin A (many times that of carrots)
- Reduces  hair loss.
- Helps reduce menopause due to lack of estrogens.
- No side effects

It is said that in Peru in the cities the women outnumber the men 10 to 1 because of Aguaje Fruit. In Peru Lima alone approxiately 80'000 pounds of Aguaje product are consumed daily. In peru the fruit is mixed with sugar to make tasty ice pops, sugar is added as well to give the flavour something between a pumpkin to caramelly lemony tangy sensation. Women taking these Aguaje supplements will start to become more voluptuous. If taken over a extended period of time she will start to gain more curves and breasts and buttocks will get larger in size
Of course anyone taking our products will have to still do regular buttock exercises to to help grow their buttocks. All our peoducts come with a free butt exercise ebook and videos.
Composition : We sell only 100% Pure Aguaje fruit. No additives and no filler













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