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Herbal Introduction Information

Herbal Introduction Information

Here are some interesting tips and advice to using and purchasing herbals for you. Just because you hear that something is natural does not mean that it is necessarily safe. Caution must still be practised with the consumption of herbal products.

  1. Natural is not synonymous with safe. Many natural herbs are harmful to people. Kava and comfrey are two examples and they have caused serious liver damage in people who have used those herbs. Your health care provider will know what herbs are dangerous and what contraindications are available.
  2. It is important to treat herbal supplements the same way that you treat over the counter and prescription medications. If you do not take them properly, as directed, you can create medical problems. Some people have experienced negative side effects even if they follow the directions exactly as written. It is important to know what you are getting into when you want to use herbal supplements and remedies.
  3. As with all medications, pregnant or nursing women should not take any herbal supplements or dietary supplements because the supplements behave like medications. They should always speak with a physician or health care provider before taking anything.  Parents should not give their children herbal supplements without discussing it with their doctors first, too.
  4. Everyone who wants to take an herbal supplement or dietary supplement should first speak with a health care provider who is aware of your medical history. Some herbal supplements can have interactions with other medications. If your health care provider does not know much about the supplement, he or she can check their medical information to see if it is appropriate for you to take it.
  5. When you decide to use herbal supplements, you should always do it with the recommendation and guidance of a health care provider with experience working with herbal supplements. It is important if you are taking herbal supplements can are part of a medical program. Many different cultures have used herbal remedies and supplements over the years, like Ayurveda, homeopathy, and traditional Asian therapies. Traditional Chinese medicine is based on diseases interrupt the flow of qi and yin and yang. To restore balance, herbs, massage, acupuncture, and meditation are used. Ayurveda is another therapy, but this originated in India and it works to yoke the spirit, body, and mind to keep the body free of disease. They also use therapy like herbs, yoga, and massage.

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