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Gelatinized Navitas Maca Root Capsules!

100 capsules - 500mg of Navitas Gelatinized Maca Peru = 1 months supply.
Ships from the USA - Fast to your door!

Navitas Maca Gelatinized Veg Caps 100ct.

100% Peruvian Maca - The Incan Superfood

Lepidium meyenii

A staple in the diet of the indigenous Andeans for centuries, Maca a relative of the turnip grows at very high altitudes. Athletes have found in Maca a natural endurance builder, due to its sterol and saponin content. A yang or fire tonic, Maca is widely prescribed in herbal medicine as a stress adaptogen. Recent studies have identified four alkaloids present in Maca known to nourish the endocrine system, benefiting reproduction in both women and men. In the West, Maca is rapidly gaining attention as a potential treatment for chronic fatigue, menopause and loss of libido, and combat fatigue, maca root has long been regarded as a highly adaptogenic and powerful food.

Navitas Naturals Gelatinized Maca Powder is a concentrated form of this special root’s beneficial elements; the fiber of the root is extracted making this superfood more digestible and its beneficial elements intensified.


Certified Organic & Kosher


Benefits of Maca:

Enhance Female Hormones to facilitate more feminine curves.
Fight fatigue
Reduce infertility.
symptoms of menopause.
sexual dysfunction in women.
sexual dysfunction in men (including erectile dysfunction)

Composition : 100% Pure Maca Root. No Chemical additions.

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