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Feel Great Get "Pomegranate Supplements" and be Healthy today


The deep red fruit called the pomegranate has a very strong antioxidant made from polyphenols and this ingredient helps protect the body as deeply as the cellular level. The capsules are less expensive than if you chose to drink the juice.  When you take a pomegranate capsule rather than make your own juice, you will not make a mess from removing the seeds or staining your clothes and hands with the red juice. You also will need to worry about refrigeration because capsules do not require any special storage.

Because many people have issues swallowing pressed tablets, we have made our pomegranate supplement in an easy to swallow soft gel tablets. These tablets will help men and women who want the benefits of an easy to swallow antioxidant.

If you take Pomegranate 1000mg and eat a healthy diet, you may notice a lower LDH level. LDH is the bad cholesterol level and it will help bring a sense of well being to both men and women at any age.


If you plan to grow your own pomegranates, you should plant them in the part of the yard or orchard that gets the most sun and warmth. Pomegranate plants are very attractive because of the flowers, leaves, and fruit. Since the plant is small, it is a good plant for landscaping.

You should be sure the soil is well-drained. The plant thrives in ordinary soil, as well as acidic and calcareous loam. You can also plant in rock strewn gravel.

You will know when it is time to harvest when the pomegranates have their bold red color and they have a metallic sound when you tap them. If you wait too long to pick the fruits, they will crack open when they get wet. Pomegranates can last as long as an apple in a pantry, but they are best kept stored in a room set at 32° to 41° F. You can keep them at this temperature range for approximately seven months if you keep the room humid. As they sit in storage, they become better tasting and juicier.

When you want to eat the fruit, you do not need to do anything special; you just score the fruit several times and break it apart! You take out the juice sacs and eat them. You can also put the juice sacs on dishes as a pretty garnish. Many people will not consume pomegranates any other way that as juice. If you want to juice the pomegranate, you remove the sacs and push them in a basket press. You can also juice the pomegranate with an orange juicer. You can also roll the fruit between your hands, then cut a hole in the stem and squeeze the juice directly into a cup. You can use for many purposes. You can drink the fresh, simple juice. You can make jelly, sorbets, sauces, cake flavorings, and many other, creative dishes. You can also use pomegranate syrup as grenadine or make the juice into wine.

There is a significant commercial potential with growing pomegranates. Most commercial growers are in the Near East, Southern Europe, and countries surrounding India. California has many major growers in the San Joaquin Valley, but since pomegranates are not extremely popular in the United States there are not many other growers. More often than not, pomegranates end up as a decoration rather than a food.





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